Agile Adoption


Agile and Scrum Development.

Scrum methodology underscores team communication and collaboration, working software, and the flexibility to adapt to evolving business needs. It's an iterative and incremental development process designed for managing complex work containing sets of practices and predefined roles.

During software development requirements change and unpredictable challenges arise, but Scrum accepts this as part of the process and adapts accordingly.

Prioritized requirements (Product Backlog) are translated into features (Sprint Backlog) and broken down into potentially shippable product increments that are completed in a set amount of time (Sprint) by empowered teams.

These are some of the beneficial characteristics of scrum development:

  • The features with the highest value are developed first.
  • Working software is delivered frequently.
  • Customer feedback is rapid due to the frequent delivery.
  • There is transparency in the planning and development process.
  • Problem areas can be identified and addressed.
  • Programmers don't waste time on features that are rarely or never used.
  • Both time and cost are reduced.
  • Productivity and quality improve.
  • Team morale and retention rates are high.
  • The team inspects, adapts, and self organizes continually.

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